Our Mission

To provide the most relevant motor data in the world!

About Us

Industrial Matrix is a website where you can research electric motors across all the major brands on one platform.
Our goal is to make the electric motor and the broader power transmission industry more transparent.
We come to work everyday with the single mission in mind: How can we take complicated technical products and simplify them in a well designed and easy to use platform.
  • Flipping through catalogs
  • scrolling through pdf’s
Now: Do it Online
  • Keyword Search: You can simply type in a part number or other parameters via our keyword search
  • Drop Down Search: you can designate your required specs through our drop down search and quickly find what you are looking for.
We provide a comprehensive platform:
  • Search for Motors across all major brands
  • Find Technical data
  • Find Dimensional drawings
  • Side by side feature comparisons across all motors
  • Find Crossovers/Interchangeable motors across all brands
  • QA Forum: A forum for industry professionals to ask questions and share their experience, knowledge and expertise