WEG (USA) 1311731426

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Get full specifications on WEG (USA) 1311731426 Farm Duty, Irrigation Duty

Category: Farm Duty, Irrigation DutyProduct Line: Irrigation Motor HP: 1
KW: 0.75RPM: 1800Voltage: 460
Enclosure: Frame: 56CMotor Standards: NEMA
Phase: 3HP: 1KW: 0.75
Motor Standards: NEMAMotor Type: AC MotorHertz: 60
Pole: 4RPM: 1800Space Heaters: Optional
Thermostats Thermistors: Consult ManufacturerVoltage: 460Weight: 31
C Dimension: 14.58Duty: S1Efficiency: Premium Efficiency
Flange: C-FlangeFrame: 56CFrame Material: Rolled Steel
Full Load Amps: 1.4Full Load Efficiency: 85.5Grease: Mobil Polyrex EM

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Start Type: Line or Inverter

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The WEG (USA) 1311731426 electric motor has 1 HP, 1800 RPM, 460 Voltage, 56C Frame & Enclosure. 1311731426 has 0 Crossovers. Visit our WEG (USA) Catalog. Discuss 1311731426 with a community of industry professionals on our WEG (USA) forum.