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Category: HVAC, Direct Drive FanProduct Line: Permanent Split Capacitor Direct Drive Fan 5 Dia.HP: 0.25
KW: 0.2RPM: 1050Voltage: 208/230
Enclosure: ODPFrame: Motor Standards:
HP: 0.25Insulation Class: BKW: 0.2
Motor Type: AC MotorNumber of Leads: 24 Line LeadsPole: 6
RPM: 1050Thermostats Thermistors: Equipped with Winding ThermostatVoltage: 208/230
Weight: 13Enclosure: ODPBearings DE: SAB
Bearings NDE: SABC Dimension: 8.9Direction of Rotation: CCW LEAD END REV
Duty: S1Full Load Amps: 1.5

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Breakdown Torque: 30.1Locked Rotor Torque: 11.8Locked Rotor Current: 3.12
Full Load Speed: 1050

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The US Motors 1391 electric motor has 0.25 HP, 1050 RPM, 208/230 Voltage, Frame & ODP Enclosure. 1391 has 0 Crossovers. Visit our US Motors Catalog. Discuss 1391 with a community of industry professionals on our US Motors forum.