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Techtop is a family owned company which has been making industrial electric motors for over 30 years. Their headquarters are in Shanghai, China where they employ 2,300 people in a workshop which is 191,200 square meters large. Their state-of-the-art equipment serves all of the electric motor production for the 21st century. 

Every year, Techtop produces over 2 million electric motors in both IEC and NEMA. Over just the last ten year, Techtop has built up an extensive distribution network in the USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Dubai, Singapore, and Australia. This enables Techtop to provide its customers with stock which is locally manufactured. Technical solutions and customized products serve customers in all areas of the globe. 

Techtop is a customer focused company; one which understands the importance of energy efficient solutions, premium customer service and today's technology which all combines to make Techtop one of the best and fastest growing electric motor companies worldwide today.

Techtop produces aluminum and cast iron frame motors of IEC standard and NEMA standard. Currently, Techtop's research and development departments are investing deeply into the IE4 and EC motor outcomes. Their reputation stands on how they have brought innovation to the motor industry. All Techtop industrial electric motors meet or exceed domestic and international standards. 

Techtop offers Low Voltage motors for Definite Purpose and General Purpose applications. Some of their electric motor offerings include:

Washdown Duty Motors

Standard features to the Washdown Duty motor include 50/60Hz capable, IP 56 rated protection, Class F insulation, 9 Lead dual voltage, Inverter Rated 15:1 Constant Torque for VFD use, multi-mount removable feet, F1, F2, F3 Field Convertible, designed to Class B temperature rise, and EISA compliant. 

Three-Phase Cast Iron Motors

Standard features for the 3-phase cast iron motors include IP55 rated protection, 40°C Ambient rating, 1045 steel shaft, one-way sintered brass drain, corrosion-resistant hardware, 1.23 service factor to 50HP, regreasable bearings 254T and larger, double lip oil seals, Class F insulation, Class 1 Division 2 Groups A B C & D Compliant, and EISA compliant. 

Three Phase Open Enclosure Motors

Standard features for this motor include IP 23 rated, 40°C Ambient rated, double lip oil seals, 1.25 SF up to 50HP, Vacuum impregnated stator winding, corrosion resistant hardware, nipple seals between conduit box and body, rubber slingers, Class H insulation with Class F stator, C & D flanges available and more. 

Crusher Duty Motors

Standard features for the Crusher Duty motors are NEMA Premium Efficiency Design “C”, 6 Lead 460V, Drive-end roller bearings, 1.15 Service Factor, 40°C Ambient temperature rating, all position mounting ready, full cast iron construction, Class F insulation with Class H stator, 4140 carbon steel shaft – inverter rated – 15:1 variable torque, rubber slinger, EISA compliant and much more. 

Techtop is a global company, one where customer service is their number one priority. They focus on the best value for their customers and are ready to ship to you anywhere you reside.

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