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Teco Westinghouse Motors (Canada) Inc. designs and produces electric motors for the global marketplace. The history of the company dates back to when George Westinghouse started the DC motor line back in 1888. By 1894, Westinghouse Electric marketed the first AC electric motors and controls.


By 1976, TECO Electric & Machinery Ltd Inc. entered the US market. By 1987, the motor production and marketing division of Westinghouse Electric Co. Ltd., merged with TECO. By doing this, they formed a joint venture which was now named “Westinghouse Motor Company”.


By April 1995, Westinghouse Motor Company was acquired by TECO Electric and Machinery. This now meant that TECO owned Westinghouse outright. TECO then changed the company name to TECO-Westinghouse Motors (Canada) Inc. They handle all of the Canadian marketing, sales and product services for TECO and TECO-Westinghouse branded motors manufactured in China, Taiwan and Malaysia.


Today TECO is busy designing products and solutions for the 21st century. The company believes in a “Quality First” commitment for everything they sell and market, and they exceed international industrial standards, which include CNS, JIS, BS, IEC, NEMA, IEEE, CSA and UL.


Some of the motors which TECO Westinghouse manufactures are:


Low Voltage Motors

TWMI has a complete line of varied and diverse Low Voltage Motors which meet all application standards. Their products range from 1/4HP to 1000HP and they are available in ODP/WPI, TEFC, WPII, TEACC enclosures.


The NEMA Premium Efficiency TEFC – Severe Duty Electric Motor is a NEMA Standard 3-Phase motor. Features include 60Hz, 230/460V, 460V or 575V, Class F Insulation, 40°C Ambient, 1.15 S.F. This state-of-the-art machine is designed to meet the contrasting challenges of the modern industrial world. This motor offers premium efficiency ratings.


Medium / High Voltage Motors

TWMI offers a diverse line of Medium and High Voltage Motors for every application requirement. These products range from 100HP to over 50,000HP and are available in ODP/WPI, TEFC, WPII, TEAAC, TEFV, and TEWAC enclosures. In addition to their basic stock, TWMI also offers Modified Stock and Custom Engineered products.


The Crown Series of Medium / High Voltage Motors are custom designed for each customer's specifics. The motors are highly versatile, with high operating efficiencies. Industries where you find the Crown Series Motors are pulp and paper, water and wastewater, oil and gas, electric utility, petrochemical, marine, steel, and mining and air separation.


Synchronous Motors

Synchronous motors offer superior value due to their proven reliability, low maintenance abilities and long life in every application setting. Synchronous motors are variable speeds and are the choice of any application requiring high torque at low speeds with a high-speed range.


Features of the Synchronous Motor include availability from 450HP to 100,000HP, high efficiency design, constant-speed operation, low inrush currents, leading power factor (for Corrective KVA Capability), Copper Rotor construction, brush or brushless excitation, and Thermolastic Epoxy Insulation. Applications where Synchronous motors are used include rolling, ball and sag mills; pumps; fans; compressors; pulp refiners; mixers; chippers and specialty applications.


For everything that TECO Westinghouse Motors Canada Inc. can do for you, visit their website.

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