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TECO Westinghouse has a legacy which spans all the way back to George Westinghouse. The TECO Westinghouse Motor Company is a well known name in the world of electric motors. These high-quality machines are anywhere from frational to 100,000 HP. They are used to drive the 21st century forward by operating pumps, fans, compressors, rolling mills, grinders, crushers and other heavy-duty applications.

Westinghouse, as its own manufacturing company, was founded in 1886 as Westinghouse Electric Company. The companies largest factories were found in western Pennsylvania and in Ontario, where they made turbines, generators and the like. In 1892, Thomas Edison merged his electric company with that of Westinghouse's biggest rival, the Thomson-Houston Electric Company. This was the beginnings of the GE Corporation.

In the 1990s, Westinghouse experienced financial disaster when due to bad high-risk , high-fee high-interest loans, the company lost over one billion dollars. Through much re-organization and the selling off of many of its assets, Westinghouse has managed to retain the broadcasting side of its industry. In 1986, Westinghouse Electric formed a joint venture with TECO Electric & Machinery, a Taiwanese company started in 1956. This partnership became known as TECO Westinghouse Motor. Since 1997, Westinghouse Motor Company became TECO Westinghouse Motor Company.

Today TWMC provides quality motors, generators, drives and complete power solutions from their headquarters in Round Rock, Texas. With their foothold into global manufacturing resources, TECO Westinghouse is in the unique position serving all of their customer needs while steering their company's investments into greater realities.

Some of what TECO Westinghouse manufactures include:

Induction Motors

These motors are available in sizes from 250 hp to 30,000 hp and they deliver operating efficiencies all around the world.

Synchronous Motors

Motors of this type provide superior value due to their proven reliability, low maintenance and long life capabilities. Benefits of synchronous motors are high-efficiency ratings; low inrush currents; constant-speed operation; leading power factor. These motors are the perfect choice for many industrial drive applications.

DC Motors

TWMC direct-current (DC) motors are used in environments where high torque and variable speeds are required, such as in marine and industrial applications. These would include ship propulsions, steel rolling mills, and mine hoists. Other types of industrial equipment also use DC motors; such as extruders, fan drives and Banbury mixers.

Single Phase ODP Motors

These motors have ¼ HP through 3 HP, class F insulation, rolled steel frame, capacitor start, capacitor run, and 60 Hz.

Single Phase TEFC Motors

These motors have ¼ HP to 10 HP, class F insulation, bi-directional rotation, capacitor start, capaitor run, rolled steel frame, 60 Hz.

Three-Phase ODP Motors

These motors use anywhere from 1 HP to 800 HP, 60 Hz, variable speeds and voltage. Here you find an oil well pump, cast iron ODP NEMA Premium, and Rolled Steel ODP NEMA Premium Efficiency.

Three-Phase TEFC Motors

Horsepower runs from fractional to 800 HP, 60 Hz, variable speeds and voltage. Three-Phase TEFC motors are many and diverse.

From medium-voltage motors to vertical hollow and vertical solid shaft motors, TECO Westinghouse can build your next industrial electric motor.

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