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The U.S. Motors brand name has been in business for over 100 years. In March of 1908, the United States Electrical Manufacturing Company took up residence in a 4,000 square foot building in Los Angeles along with 17 employees. Over time through acquisitions and mergers, U.S. Motors Company is no longer in existence, yet the brand is still going strong. U.S. Brand motors continues to bring quality and innovation to everything they make.

The U.S. Motors Company has given any number of 'firsts' to the world of electric motors: in 1922, they introduced the revolutionary vertical HOLLOSHAFT® motor for the pumping industry; in 1925 they were the first to make ball bearings standard on all motors; in 1957 they introduced BALL-O-MATIC® for vertical hollowshaft motors; 1970 they introduced UNIMOUNT® extruded aluminum frame motor; 1983 they introduced ALLGUARD® Motor Quality System which combined motor winding protection with the latest techniques in motor bearing lubrication. By 2010, U.S. Motors was sold to Nidec Motor Corporation.

U.S. Motors Company Brand motors continue to bring innovative solutions to every industry and application worldwide.

AC Motors

AC motors have found their way into every type of daily home appliance and industrial applications. They continue to be high effective, durable and of high efficiency. AC motors, because of the manner in which they are constructed, have fewer parts that break down and can cause costly operation stoppages. Places you find AC motors are washing machines as well as other home appliances, pumps, conveyors, blowers, compressors, and many other industrial equipment.

Nidec Motors supplies AC motors through its U.S. Motors Brand and there are diverse motors to choose from. You find them all the way from ¼ to 5,000 HP. AC Motors are always built to withstand some of the toughtest stuff you can throw their way; they are found in all types of environments, from temperate to harsh.

AC Motors encompass Definite Purpose, Fractional HP, Hazardous Location, IEC, NEMA, Severe Duty, Single Phase, Variable Speed, Vertical, Permanent Magnet, TITAN Large AC Motors, and World Motor Horizontal.

DC Motors

DC Motors offer a simple design which is both efficient and cost-effective. DC Motors are available in both brushed and brushless motors and these electric motors can be found in diverse applications such as pools and spas, residential and commercial HVAC, commercial refrigeration, and industrial equipment.

The U.S. Motors Brand of DC Motors offers a line of general and special purpose motors for both commercial and industrial applications. Motors are available from ¼ to 600 HP. DC motors can also be custom designed for any OEM DC motor application.

EC Motors

U.S. Motors Brand EC Motors offer high efficiency and energy conservation. Electronically commutated motors (EC) have a brushless permanent magnet motor that is integrated with an electronic control module.This provides for a more energy-efficient operation.

Applications where you find EC motors are residential HVAC; commercial and light commercial HVAC; ventilation; refrigeration; residential pool and spa pumps; and commercial hydronic and booster pumps.

Nidec Motors has a full line of U.S. Motors Brand EC motors, and they also customize motors to any exacting specifications.

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