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Worldwide Electric is the largest independent manufacturer/importer of electric motors in the United States today. Headquarters are in Rochester, NY where the company was founded by Mr. Rick Simmonds and Mr. Fred Rosen in 1998. Both men were former managers at the Ajax Motor Corporation and they remained there until acquisition began changing the company. They realized with their expertise and knowledge about all things electric motors, they would be wise to start their own company, and that's what they did.


Due to their extensive knowledge about industrial electric motors from their days at Ajax, Rick and Fred both had developed experience in dealing with not only Brazil and Asis, but in particular, China. With each new visit to these countries they made, they gained a greater understanding of each country and their manufacturing capabilities. They then selected Beijing Electric as their primary source for Worldwide branded motors. This led to their new Worldwide Electric brand of Beijing Electric flourishing; this allowed Worldwide Electric to expand their business even more.


Additional product lines were added in 2005 and by 2010 the Worldwide Corporation added the Hyundai Electric motor line to its line of already well established products. Present-day Worldwide Electric presents a full line of motors, controls and gearing that originate from the United States, China, Korea and Taiwan. It is here you will find the most quality tested/assured and diverse lines of electrical-mechanical products in the industry today.


Worldwide Low Voltage Motors

These motors are not only cost effective, they are efficient and can be used in heavy duty industrial, and lighter duty applications. These motors include severe duty, farm duty, vertical hollow shaft, general purpose, fractional HP, explosion proof, rock crusher, shaker screen, oil well pump and closed coupled pump.


Open Drip Proof Motors, Three-Phase Rigid Base

These motors feature ½ -50 HP with larger ratings coming soon, 3600, 1800 RPM and 1200 PRM coming soon, 208-230/460 volt, 60 Hz, 190/380 volt, 50 Hz, Premium efficiency, Class F insulation, Class B rise, Inverter duty, 10:1 CT / 20:1 VT, and many more features.


Premium Efficiency Motors – Rigid Base

These motors which are exclusively distributed by Worldwide Electric, feature low noise, cool running and low vibration performance all due to Hyundai Electric's conservative design philosophy. Features include 1-600 HP, 3600, 1800 and 1200 RPM, TEFC enclosure, Dual rated service factor 1.15 for 40°C / 1.0 for 65°C, Class F insulation with Class N varnish, rigid base, Class I, Division 2, Groups ABCD, Inverter ready, 10:1 CT / 20:1 VT, cast iron frame and conduit box.


Medium Voltage Motors


Hyundai Medium Voltage Motors

Features for these motors include 350-1200 HP, 3600, 1800 and 900 RPM, dual voltage 2300/4160, TEFC enclosure, cast iron construction, NEMA design B, continuous duty, Class F insulation – vacuum pressure impregnation, Class B temperature – rise unless otherwise noted, 1.15 service factor, maximum 40°C ambient temperature, 120 volt space heaters, as well as many other features.

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