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Leeson 113631

Leeson 113631


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Get full specifications on Leeson 113631 Definite Purpose, Pressure Washer Motor

Category: Definite Purpose, Pressure Washer MotorHP: 1.5KW: 1.12
RPM: 3600Voltage: 115/208/230Frame: 56
Enclosure: ODPMotor Standards: NEMAList Price: $597.00
HP: 1.5KW: 1.12Phase: 1
RPM: 3600Frame: 56Pole: 2
Voltage: 115/208/230Enclosure: ODPMotor Type: AC Motor
Hertz: 60Weight: 36Paint: VERIFY
Nema Design: LNameplate: 993500Mount: RIGID
Rotor: Dynamically Balanced RotorsWire: Windings dipped in heavy duty varnish systemSpace Heaters: Optional
Service Factor: 1.15Insulation Class: BDuty: S1
Shaft Diameter in: 5/8 INBearings NDE: 6203Bearings DE: 6203
Grease: POLYREX EMFull Load Efficiency: 82.5Full Load Amps: 6.2
Ambient Teperature: 40Direction of Rotation: SELECTIVE CCW

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No Load Current: 1.38Locked Rotor Current: 45(Locked Rotor)Full Load Current: 6.2(Full Load)
Full Load Speed: 3495Breakdown Torque: 6.9(Break Down)Pull Up Torque: 4.8(Pull Up)
Locked Rotor Torque: 4.9(Locked Rotor)Full Load Torque: 2.25(Full Load)Power Factor 50%: 93.5
Power Factor 75%: 95.2Power Factor 100%: 96Efficiency 50%: 79.8
Efficiency 75%: 83.4Efficiency 100%: 82.6

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113631 Crossovers

WEG (USA) 00156OT1BRBO56-S

WEG (USA) 00156OT1BRBO56-S

Category: HVAC

Product Line: Air Handling Motor

Motor Standards: NEMA

HP: 1.5

KW: 1.1

RPM: 3600

Voltage: 115/208/230

Enclosure: ODP

Frame: 56

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The Leeson 113631 electric motor has 1.5 HP, 3600 RPM, 115/208/230 Voltage, 56 Frame & ODP Enclosure. 113631 has 1 Crossovers. Visit our Leeson Catalog. Discuss 113631 with a community of industry professionals on our Leeson forum.