Teco Westinghouse (Canada) XPE2502

Teco Westinghouse (Canada) XPE2502


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Get full specifications on Teco Westinghouse (Canada) XPE2502 Medium Voltage

Category: Medium VoltageHP: 250KW: 186.5
RPM: 3600Voltage: 2300/4000Frame: 5007A
Enclosure: TEFCMotor Standards: NEMAList Price: $29,020.00
HP: 250KW: 186.5Phase: 3
RPM: 3600Frame: 5007APole: 2
Voltage: 2300/4000Enclosure: TEFCMotor Type: AC Motor
Efficiency: Premium EfficiencyHertz: 60Weight: 3200
Paint: Phenolic Rust Proof Base with Polyurethane Top CoatIngress Protection: IP54Frame Material: Cast Iron
Number of Leads: 6Nema Design: BNameplate: Stainless Steel
Mount: F1Rotor: Dynamically Balanced Copper/Copper AlloyTemperature Rise: Class B
Space Heaters: OptionalService Factor: 1.15Insulation Class: Class F
Elevation: 3300ftDuty: S1Conduit Box: Fabricated steel
Bearings NDE: 6315C3Bearings DE: 6315C3Fan: Aluminum
Grounding Terminal: Grounding Terminal Inside Main Terminal Box and on FrameGrease: Polyrex EMFull Load Efficiency: 95
Full Load Amps: 30.8Ambient Teperature: -40 - +40CDirection of Rotation: Bi-Directional rotation
Class: IDivision: IIClass 2: I
Zone: 2Group 2: IIB+H2, IIB and IIATemp Code: T3/N/A
No Load Current: 11.0/6.3Noise Level dB A: 85Safe Stall Time hot: 23
Safe Stall Time Cold: 28Nema Load lb ft: 210Rotor Inertia lb ft: 41
KVA Code: GLocked Rotor Current: 397/228Full Load Current: 55.7/32.0
Full Load Speed: 3575Breakdown Torque: 230Pull Up Torque: 90
Locked Rotor Torque: 90Full Load Torque: 366Power Factor 50%: 82.5
Power Factor 75%: 87.5Power Factor 100%: 88.5Efficiency 50%: 93
Efficiency 75%: 94.5Efficiency 100%: 95
CT: 30-60HzVT: 3-60Hz

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XPE2502 Crossovers

Teco Westinghouse (USA) KG2502

Teco Westinghouse (USA) KG2502

Category: Medium Voltage

Product Line: Global Plus TEFC – Medium Voltage

Motor Standards: NEMA

HP: 250

KW: 186.5

RPM: 3600

Voltage: 2300/4000

Enclosure: TEFC

Frame: 5007A

The Teco Westinghouse (Canada) XPE2502 electric motor has 250 HP, 3600 RPM, 2300/4000 Voltage, 5007A Frame & TEFC Enclosure. XPE2502 has 1 Crossovers. Visit our Teco Westinghouse (Canada) Catalog. Discuss XPE2502 with a community of industry professionals on our Teco Westinghouse (Canada) forum.