Toshiba B3004FLG3BMHD

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Category: HP: 300KW: 223.7
RPM: 1800Voltage: 460Frame: 5010US
Enclosure: TEFCMotor Standards: List Price:
HP: 300KW: 223.7RPM: 1800
Frame: 5010USVoltage: 460Enclosure: TEFC
Hertz: 60 HzWeight: 4501 lbsNema Design: B
Service Factor: 1.15Insulation Class: FDuty: CONT
Bearings NDE: 6320C3Bearings DE: 6320C3Full Load Efficiency: 96.5
Full Load Amps: 330Ambient Teperature: 40 C

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Locked Rotor Current: 2200Full Load Speed: 1780Breakdown Torque: 220
Locked Rotor Torque: 150Full Load Torque: 885Power Factor 50%: 87.8
Power Factor 75%: 84.8Power Factor 100%: 88.5Efficiency 50%: 96.1
Efficiency 75%: 96.6Efficiency 100%: 96.5

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The Toshiba B3004FLG3BMHD electric motor has 300 HP, 1800 RPM, 460 Voltage, 5010US Frame & TEFC Enclosure. B3004FLG3BMHD has 0 Crossovers. Visit our Toshiba Catalog. Discuss B3004FLG3BMHD with a community of industry professionals on our Toshiba forum.