WEG (USA) 01218ES1EID215TC

WEG (USA) 01218ES1EID215TC


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Get full specifications on WEG (USA) 01218ES1EID215TC Farm Duty, Irrigation Duty

Category: Farm Duty, Irrigation DutyHP: 12.5KW: 9.2
RPM: 1800Voltage: 208/230/460Frame: 215TC
Enclosure: TEFCMotor Standards: NEMAList Price: $1,888.00
HP: 12.5KW: 9.2Phase: 1
RPM: 1800Frame: 215TCPole: 4
Voltage: 208/230/460Enclosure: TEFCMotor Type: AC Motor
Efficiency: Standard EfficiencyHertz: 60Weight: 205
Paint: RAL 7022 207A (ISO 12944 - C2)Ingress Protection: IP55Frame Material: Cast Iron
Nema Standards: NEMA MG-1Mount: F-1Temperature Rise: 105 K
Space Heaters: OptionalService Factor: 1.00 (1.00 @ 208V)Insulation Class: F
Elevation: 1000 m.a.s.l.Duty: S1Drip Cover: Without
Conduit Box: Left positionBearings NDE: 6206 ZZBearings DE: 6308 ZZ
Fan: Cast IronGrounding Terminal: SingleFull Load Efficiency: 84
Full Load Amps: 24Flange: C-FlangeAmbient Teperature: -20C to 40C
Direction of Rotation: Both (CW and CCW)

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No Load Current: 11.6-11.6/5.80 AStart Type: Direct On LineRotor Inertia lb ft: 1.29 sq.ft.lb
Locked Rotor Current: 7.0x(Code G)Full Load Current: 52.8-48.0/24.0 AFull Load Speed: 1730 rpm
Breakdown Torque: 200%Pull Up Torque: 10s (cold) 6s (hot)Locked Rotor Torque: 220%
Full Load Torque: 37.4 ft.lbPower Factor 50%: 0.96Power Factor 75%: 0.98
Power Factor 100%: 0.97Efficiency 50%: 80Efficiency 75%: 83.5
Efficiency 100%: 84

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01218ES1EID215TC Crossovers

WEG (Canada) TC012104

WEG (Canada) TC012104

Category: General Purpose

Product Line: General Purpose

Motor Standards: NEMA

HP: 12.5

KW: 9.325

RPM: 1800

Voltage: 208/230/460

Enclosure: TEFC

Frame: 215TC

The WEG (USA) 01218ES1EID215TC electric motor has 12.5 HP, 1800 RPM, 208/230/460 Voltage, 215TC Frame & TEFC Enclosure. 01218ES1EID215TC has 1 Crossovers. Visit our WEG (USA) Catalog. Discuss 01218ES1EID215TC with a community of industry professionals on our WEG (USA) forum.